Monday, December 21, 2009

There's a sweet bitch alert!

Yes! This is not a drill! This is serious, the sweet bitch has been discovered! Lol, no but seriously, I feel that this girl Hawiianbody is probably a sweet girl but she was acting like a total.. well Bitch!
While I was check out Ellie's page I saw a GB comment that said "applead; I believe that I addressed that to ellie, so mind your own business ffs. I'm not digging you either."
So of coarse I had to find out what she addressed to ellie and Hawiianbody comment said "i dislike you" to Ellie and I love Ellie reply "That's a shame". After this comment noisy Applead just had to put his 2 sense into to it and I totally love that he did this! His commented said "**Hawiianbody!Well guess what we dislike you.Ellie is a wondering personJealousness will you no-where " and yet again, Ellie tottally made my say with her reply "Haha, woo!"From just that part of the story you would think Hawiianbody was just a bitch but what make her a sweet bitch was her 2nd comment "yupp but i must admit you're utterly stunning.You should work with textiles or something. " Lmao I just don't know how you go from disliking someone to telling them their stunning.

Don't get it?

This just had me laughing a little. So I just posted info about Hunnigall(Alice) about her magazine Fierce thats being release today. So I thought I would make a trip to her page and when I check her GB...well.. I just found something very stupid that my me laugh.

So user findurlove says "Whats up??? NOTE: Do not suggest the sky or roof or and other living or no-living(she means non-living) object above you!Thank you!"

And I'm guess by Alice reply, she was thinking that Findurlove was referring to the movie "Up" or something like that.

And then my Findurlove reply to Alice reply she didn't really get what alice was refering to and think that Alice is "J-Joke"ing with her!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well I was going around Stardoll and then I seen this one girl who I just want to check out.(Not like that Lol) Well when I went to her page I seen that she is part of Stardoll Royalty! So then I looked at when she join and how many starpoints she has, and I'm like wowed! How did I not make it in Stardoll Royalty but she did! She on been a member of a little over a month from me and she on has 1071 points but I have 2542! I feel I deserve it more then her!

Still want those diy?

If you are still in need of the diy you still have a chance!
Just click here.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mode Magazine Spoiler

Well there has been many magazine releasein this season and well this look kinda interesting. There seems to bee more Stardoll magazine then blogs which is crazy.
What do you think of the spoiler?!

Another Party! Whhooaa!

Well there is another party on stardoll! There's been a lot lately and here is another one taking place in Findurlove's GB. This party is for Stardose Re-Release. So! Be there or... Well just don't be there. Lol

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hey Again!

Woops..Sorry. I havent posted in 2-3 days! Lol I've completely forgotten plus I went to a concert yesterday! Mmm, anways I created some Banners for the blog Linda! I hope you like it! My 'grpahics' are very simple. I hope you enjoy :)

New Blog Header;

Blog Writer Linda:

Blog Writer Bree;


Fakeshake3 OMFG?!

I really have don't have to say anything! Do you see her? Umm yeah the Highlights?! I've yeah of show or a clutch match a outfit, but I never heard of you hair matching your outfit!

Well I was kind of suprise to see her looking like this, but I guess we have our days.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Non-Superstar Calendar!

Well I just found out that there is also a calendar for Non-superstars which I think is great even though I'm a superstar! The two items are.... Well I'm not exactly sure but I know the first one is only 2sd and the second one is only 1sd.
To view Non-Superstar Calendar click HERE.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 Outfits of the Day XP

Hey. I forgot to post this yesterday. And I have todays one aswell. Yesterdays one was a simple and elegant non-SS one which is ideal for thos non-SS's stuck for ideas and thinking of what outfit to dress their doll in :P

Today's one feature a bargain outfit, well, nearly under 10. I pushed the boundaries abit guys. :P Those ar efor those non-SS's with low cash and need some extra things for their wardrobe. And also i featured ANOTHER outfit, sorry guys I have all these brilliant and fantabulous ideas! haha ;) The second outfit is more of a glamour one for non-SS's aswell and it's for those glamorous non-SS's looking for a dressy uppy kinda outfit. :)

Cheap Outfit

Hope this helped!

Please give me some feedback on what kinda outfits you guys want to see! I would love some ideas! :)


I found the Calendar!

Well hers the calendar, and as you an see I bought the first item which was very cheap! ONLY 5sd! Not much to say about the calendar but it comes once a year and come with very nice(sometimes) items and it goes from Dec.1st to CHRISTMAS DAY! I hope there money on that day!(:

To view calendar click here.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Outfit of the day 30/11/09

Hello All. I have created an outfit of the day, inspired by the newst clothes that have landed on our shores in the Starplaza. Its a mix of browns and golds and oranges. :L I call it 'out of the bush' because it is inspired by the bush with the main colour; brown. Very boring I know.

I hope you guys enjoy it.


WTF?!? She copy me!

Well every look at my presentation! Its lyrics to the song Beyonce ft Lady Gaga- Telephone

This girl DominiqueViVid total come on my page copy and paste in her presentation!What the hell! Like for real?? If you were going to copy at list change the colors! I dont really care, but I do. Whats her problem?! Such a fucking copyer! And her outfit is so orginal itself!LOL! Also so is there are something you didn't under stand! I was kind of rushing.

Holy Similar!

Have you guy seen the new Bisou Mesh Banded Dress?

Well have you guy seen the Limited Edition Multi Color ..... Well don't these to dress look identical?
Well when the Limited Edition Dress came out I didn't get it and I'm kind of happy I didn't be the Bisou look just like it! The price of the Bisou Dress is 13sd and the price of the Limited Edition Dress is 275sd!
So you should know what the best deal was!

Well I finally go a writer that I think will do very well with the blog! I'm still looking for more though! So if you interested, contact me via dollmail!
I'm also looking for someone who does Graphics!
Well enough about the blog, now about me! Lol well I'm just became manger of a club I think every one should join! Its called The.Elite and I will also be a writer for their blog so view and follow!
The reach The.Elite blog click here.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello World!

Hello Everybody! I am a new writer on the Style.Blog! Thanks Linda for making me a writer. I will write up different things to this blog, reporting on the latest stuff in stardoll and in stardoll user's.


Friday, November 27, 2009

New DKNY Collection!

Finally! The DKNY new collection is out! I absolutly love everthing! I also love the colors! Black, green, red, and grey! The prices are... Well they are normal, I guess you can say! Umm I wonder when all the prices started to raise up? Well my favorite items are the Pinstriped Cocktail Dress,Slim Bandeau Dress, Gold Buckle Belt, Headband Fuchsia, Big Black Wool Scarf, and all the bags and shoes! I love, love,love this collection!
What you think! Do you love love love it like me?


Gift-O-Meter! It's here! Well what is it?
Every stardoller you spend at the Starplaza go toward earning those gifts. For gift 1 you spend 1sd 2 you spend 10sd, 3 you spend 20sd, 4 you spend 50sd,5 you have to spend 100sd, and 6 you have to spend 200.
What do you think about the Gift-O-Meter?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why not 50% off!

Well I guess Stardoll going to have a black friday aswell too, just a couple of days early. Today I've notice that Miss Sixty first collection and DKNY both collections have a 50% off sale! Well Happy Early Thanksgiving! Everyone!
Well you don't have to love, I was just talking!(:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Freakshow Awards!

Well Tyler has decided to have his very own award show!I totally love the idea of him runing this thing! BUT! It's kind of weird how him and Vanessa(Star_awards) just had a little breakup in their friendship and she's having a anniversary for Star Awards and is have her last award show, now he is having one! Hummm?? Well can't wait for it! There is no official date on when the awards will take place all I know is.... I CAN'T WAIT!

Comment !



What do you think?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Applead.. Enjoys fashion..Being a girl (no problem with that) && Now..

Mr. Applead himself, has his own blog! He advises you to view and follow! From what I read, his blog will have interview on "The Famous of Stardoll" and etc. The blog is still under co. and he says it should be up and running by mid-week! So can't wait for this
To view and follow is blog click here!

Star_awards+ New Boy Interest=New Blog write!

Vanessa has seemed to be in the limelight for a while now. With the whole Star Awards Anniversary to her being other members on stardoll! Now is there a new love interest??

Well last time she had blog writers one was -Inspired- who we soon found out was he secret lover.Well now there is a BOY! I have never heard of him but he is MadWorld . He has a blog, but I like it but its only one post. To view his blog click here. Well I'm sure she won't hire him based on his word because like I said before he only has one post!


This is Star_awards new blog

View it and Add it to your favorites!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Stardoll New Background!

Well Stardoll has been thinking about changing something I see! Well that suck for everyone who wants to have the old stardoll back because its about to be gone. "In with the new and out with the old" is what I would usually say but for this one, In with the old and Out with the new!