Monday, December 21, 2009

There's a sweet bitch alert!

Yes! This is not a drill! This is serious, the sweet bitch has been discovered! Lol, no but seriously, I feel that this girl Hawiianbody is probably a sweet girl but she was acting like a total.. well Bitch!
While I was check out Ellie's page I saw a GB comment that said "applead; I believe that I addressed that to ellie, so mind your own business ffs. I'm not digging you either."
So of coarse I had to find out what she addressed to ellie and Hawiianbody comment said "i dislike you" to Ellie and I love Ellie reply "That's a shame". After this comment noisy Applead just had to put his 2 sense into to it and I totally love that he did this! His commented said "**Hawiianbody!Well guess what we dislike you.Ellie is a wondering personJealousness will you no-where " and yet again, Ellie tottally made my say with her reply "Haha, woo!"From just that part of the story you would think Hawiianbody was just a bitch but what make her a sweet bitch was her 2nd comment "yupp but i must admit you're utterly stunning.You should work with textiles or something. " Lmao I just don't know how you go from disliking someone to telling them their stunning.

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