Friday, November 27, 2009

New DKNY Collection!

Finally! The DKNY new collection is out! I absolutly love everthing! I also love the colors! Black, green, red, and grey! The prices are... Well they are normal, I guess you can say! Umm I wonder when all the prices started to raise up? Well my favorite items are the Pinstriped Cocktail Dress,Slim Bandeau Dress, Gold Buckle Belt, Headband Fuchsia, Big Black Wool Scarf, and all the bags and shoes! I love, love,love this collection!
What you think! Do you love love love it like me?


  1. I think it is AMAZING! The shoes are stunning, as are the scarfs, headbands, and the fabulous red coat! Way to go stardoll!

  2. This can add for your personality but every quality has a price and because DKNY bags is nearly epitomising quality requirements, it’s only fair that there’s a maximum cost to that kind of quality.