Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 Outfits of the Day XP

Hey. I forgot to post this yesterday. And I have todays one aswell. Yesterdays one was a simple and elegant non-SS one which is ideal for thos non-SS's stuck for ideas and thinking of what outfit to dress their doll in :P

Today's one feature a bargain outfit, well, nearly under 10. I pushed the boundaries abit guys. :P Those ar efor those non-SS's with low cash and need some extra things for their wardrobe. And also i featured ANOTHER outfit, sorry guys I have all these brilliant and fantabulous ideas! haha ;) The second outfit is more of a glamour one for non-SS's aswell and it's for those glamorous non-SS's looking for a dressy uppy kinda outfit. :)

Cheap Outfit

Hope this helped!

Please give me some feedback on what kinda outfits you guys want to see! I would love some ideas! :)


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