Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yeah Miss "Rich" need to ask Daddy for makeup lesson.

I'm not trying to be mean but why BeverlyHillsHei..Why? I have been wondering why her makeup have been looking so not right ever since I join Stardoll. With all the "Money" she has her Daddy (lmao ever time I would read her presentation i would just die of laughter) should just give her personally lesson on how to apply makeup. I don't really know her (Well I'm sure no one does base on the fact that her presentation was a total lie) well enough to be talk crap about her but come on now get with it and tell the truth. Haha. But back at the makeup thing. I wanna know Who&&Why! Who did this to you?! && Why did they/you do this to you/yourself. Usually people make their make unpleasant close up but it looks great from a distance but I didn't find any of that with her makeup.

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