Saturday, May 23, 2009

June Hot Buy!!

The Junes HB is okay. I guess the color of the year is purple cause there's been purple in every month Hot Buys.OK let start off with the....

Pretty and Pink HB crop jacket which is in store June 12th

Rio HB skirt June 23 th

Pretty and Pink HB sandals June 19th

Bisou HB Tube Dress June 10th

Bisou HB bag June 2nd

Pretty and Pink HB Bikini Neckles June 17th

Bisou HB dress June 15th

Fudge HB watch June 8th

And here are the not so good ones...

Pink and Pink HB Dress June 26

Bisou HB Skirt June 4rd
Tell me what you think of the June HB

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